Important Information Regarding Lighthouse Marina in the Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian


Dear valued customers and friends,
Hurricane Dorian has wreaked incredible havoc upon our community. Our marina has suffered massive damage. Our beautiful home overlooking the Sea of Abaco was destroyed, but we are safe and healthy and are presently regrouping with family in Florida. We have secured housing in Hope Town and hope to return there very soon. We know that communications have been challenging. At this time we are posting this report on our website as a way to inform you of where things stand today.

Fuel Dock and Slips
Our brand new dock has been destroyed, including our fueling facility. Fortunately, our fuel storage tanks and facilities were spared and are in reasonably decent working order. We have been serving fuel to assist those in need by way of a makeshift shore side delivery system. We hope to have a proper pump and metering system in place very soon. This will likely be accessed by way of a small fueling barge. We have both diesel and gasoline on hand. That said, we are not yet in a position to accept cash or credit card payments for fuel. We are working on a temporary solution for this now.

Marina Store and Liquor Store
Both of these buildings have been severely damaged and will likely have to be torn down. These operations will be suspended indefinitely.

Maintenance Shop
Our maintenance building is damaged but will be restored. It is inaccessible now and will be out of service indefinitely.

Boat Storage
Our storage facility has suffered severe damage. The steel racking system was blown down. Many large vessels that were moored in Mouth Harbor have been blown and/ or washed into our storage yard. Boats and debris are stacked on top of one another. Our forklift was covered by the tidal surge. We are working on mobilizing heavy lift equipment to the site to commence the difficult process of sorting and securing what we can. Please understand that this will take considerable time to accomplish. We must advise all concerned parties that our property is an extremely hazardous site at present. No person should enter our premises without express written permission from one of us. This prohibition applies to any and all boat owners, insurance adjusters or other concerned persons. Anyone found on our property without our written permission will be considered a trespasser. We hope that all concerned will understand that we must strictly enforce these restrictions until our facilities are safe and secure.
We will attempt to respond to specific requests for information. We will not be able to entertain requests for access to the facility until we have adequate personnel on site. Email will be the best way for us to communicate with our customers for the foreseeable future.
Please know that Lighthouse Marina will be restored as soon as is humanly possible. We look forward to being an integral part of the recovery of Hope Town and Elbow Cay!

With much love and thanks for your patience and understanding,
Linda and Craig Knowles
Managers, Lighthouse Marina